I teach classes by appointment in my studio in Boca Raton (click the link, then look to the right of the screen for a map, directions and pictures). Please call me at (561) 206-4842 to reserve a spot. All tools are supplied. Studio classes include basic materials. At stores, you must buy your beads. You may also bring anything you would like to incorporate into your project. Many classes come with a tutorial handout so you can make a similar project anytime. 

I also teach workshops at Bead and Art Studio in Lighthouse Point (call to request a spot), Backyard for the Arts in West Palm Beach (see their events page for scheduled classes or contact them to make a request) and at A Home for the Creative in Lake Worth (call for details).

If you need a different time slot, or there is a skill you would like to learn that is not listed here, please contact me at or leave a message at (561) 206-4842 and I will set up a custom class just for you.  


Current Classes 

Wire-Wrapped Stones, Beach Glass or Large Beads
Learn the art of freeform wire wrapping while making a gorgeous pendant! You will learn how to wrap objects with or without holes or loops, using wire and sometimes small beads or charms to further enhance their beauty. You may bring objects or chose from the selection provided. Some large components will add to your cost, but most will not. The pictures above serve as an idea of the variety possible. You may also do a tree of life, or bring a picture to show the style you would like to work in. 3 hours. $45.

Wire Chain and Bib Necklace Focal Classes
You may take either class without any commitment to take the other. Making the necklace is a two-class project, and it would be best to take the Wire Chain class first. In the Wire Chain class, you will learn how to make jump rings, coiled chain links, more delicate shaped links, and a simple, supple chain that drapes well and will not break. You will also leave having made a hook to match your chain. In the Bib Necklace Focal class, you will create a strong wire base and learn how to wrap any components onto it, whether they have holes or loops or not, then add beads and charms to come up with a truly unique piece. You may bring objects or chose from the selection provided. Some large components will add to your cost, but most will not. You will also decorate your hook with beads or charms to match your focal. The pictures above show the types of chain taught in the Wire Chain class, and serve as an idea of the variety of Bib Necklace Focals possible. 3 to 4 hours each class. Wire Chain Class $45, Bib Necklace Focal Class $50.

Wing and Fiber Jewelry Workshop
Learn basic wire working skills while making this beautiful naturalistic jewelry! You will learn how to make translucent wings and fabric beads, construct chain, dangles and a hook from wire and beads. Choose any beads and fabric you like. 3 hours. Necklace $45, Earrings and Ring $45, Entire Set 5 hours $70

"I Just Want to Fly" Mixed Media Jewelry Workshop
Make this lush set with Tim Holtz decorative papers! The leather-bound mini-book has a quote from Pablo Neruda. You will learn how to make jewelry components from paper and construct chain, dangles and a hook from wire and beads. If you choose to make the earrings and ring, you will learn to make your own ear wires and a ring shank from wire. Choose any colors, paper, and phrase you like. You may not finish all your pieces in the allotted time, but will leave with the skills to do so. One piece 2-3 hours $45, entire set 5 hours $75

Bottle Cap Jewelry
Learn basic beaded wire skills while making jewelry from bottle caps! 2.5 hours. $35

Jewelry Revamp
Take an old piece of jewelry and make it into something new! Or bring a piece of memorabilia or an interesting object and make jewelry out of it. 2 hours. $25

 Handmade Art Journal or Planner
Learn a fun bookbinding technique! Make your own gorgeous hand-stitched softcover book for journaling or mixed media, or a customizable yearly or 3-month planner. Kits and tools are available so you can make another at home! 3 hours. $45
Hand-sewn junk journal with paint and collage
Transform your junk mail into something beautiful! Make it soft or hard covered. You can use your new book for writing, planning, art journaling - anything you like. We will make pockets, tip-ins, tags with threads or yarns, and a beaded ribbon bookmark. You can even bead the spine. Kits and tools are available so you can make another at home! 2 sessions of 2 hours each, or 4.5 hours one day, with 30 minute lunch break (lunch and snacks not included). $60

Intermediate Wire Wrapping
Make your own beaded chains. Create original beaded doodle designs for pendants and charms. You will make an advanced necklace with beaded links and hand-formed wire elements. 3 hours. $45

Groovy Felt Flower Jewelry
These are really fun! Turn felt into flowers for necklaces, lariats, pins, barrettes, bracelets, rings, earrings... Choose your flower size based on your project.  2 hours. $25

Crochet Bracelet
Only three basic crochet stitches are used to create this beautiful beaded bracelet! Personalize it by choosing your own colors and adding garden-inspired charms if you like. Prior experience with crochet is helpful but not necessary.  3 hours. $45

Lucite Flower Accessories
Create hair accessories or a bracelet or barefoot sandal. 3 hours. $45

Wire Beaded Earrings & Charms
Make your own ear wires and headpins. Create original beaded doodle designs for pendants and charms.  You will walk out with a finished project of your choice. 3 hours. $45

Bead Soup Necklace or Bracelet
Learn basic beading skills while making a gorgeous piece! 2 hours. $30

Beginner Wire Wrap Bracelet and Earrings
Learn how to work with wire, make wrapped loops, use jump rings and make your own ear wires and headpins! You will walk out with a finished bracelet and a pair of earrings. 3 hours. $45

Hammered Wire Cuff
This is a fun project with endless possibilities! We will work with silver colored aluminum wire or solid copper or brass alloy wire. 3 hours. $45

Whimsical Wire Wrapped Rings
Learn to make 3 types of adjustable wire rings, from simple to complicated. 2 hours. $35

Filigree Wire Ring
Learn the art of wire filigree as well as wrapping focal objects to make a gorgeous adjustable ring! 3 hours. $45