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Custom Handmade Bridal Barefoot Sandals with Lucite Flowers in White - Handmade to Order

Custom Handmade Bridal Barefoot Sandals with Lucite Flowers in White - Handmade to Order

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Made with Swarovski crystals, Czech glass leaves, glass seed beads and Lucite flowers, twisted together with non-tarnish silver plated wire. Closes with a lobster clasp and is adjustable due to a 2" silver plated extender chain which ends in a little heart. Fastens in the hollow below the inside ankle for your comfort. Should fit sizes 7-9. Strung on beading wire for superior durability. Wire is kept away from your skin for comfort.

This listing is for the pair of barefoot sandals only - the matching earrings are shown as a styling suggestion.

Similar pieces can be made upon request in any available color - great for the bridal party!

7-9 US, or custom size. Adjustable.

Your sandals will ship within 2 weeks after purchase.

4-5 business days within the U.S. Other destinations will take longer.

Note: This is a custom order item, so please order at least 2 weeks in advance of when you need them. Thank you!

To see many other possibilities for your wedding, go to the bridal section of my store.

If you are looking for something you don't see among the listings, message me and I will make it for you.

Measuring for barefoot sandals with Lucite flower designs:
Flex your foot in the position it will be in when you wear the sandals. Take a 2' piece of non-stretchy twine or sturdy string and drape the middle of it around your second toe. Draw the two sides together an inch above the spot where your toe meets your foot. This needs to be above any strap that your shoe may have if you will be wearing one, so adjust as needed. Take a Sharpie and make a mark across the two parts of the twine at that point. Keep these together as you pull them both up and make another mark an inch below the spot where the front of your foot meets your leg. Hold them together at that spot while you pull one end around to the left to sit at the hollow spot behind your ankle, then pull the other end around to the right to meet it. Mark both at the spot where they meet. One side will be longer than the other. These are much more comfortable when they fasten behind the ankle. That way the clasp doesn't rub against the Achilles tendon. Remove the twine and measure the distances between the 6 marks, writing them down in order. There will be 5 measurements. Contact me with that information so I can make your sandals with the right proportions. I will make the ends just a bit short and add an extender chain so you can fine-tune the fit when you get them.

Putting barefoot sandals on:
Sit in a chair and draw one foot up to cross your knee. Place the loop of the sandal around your second toe, then pull the two sides around the foot to meet in the hollow behind your ankle, which will be facing up. This spot will be easy to access in that position. Fasten the clasp a little loosely at first. Flex your foot long and short to test the fit and adjust if it feels too tight. Now put your foot down flat on the floor and stand up. Walk a few steps and see how it feels. If it is too tight, loosen it a little so it doesn't break when you walk in it. Too loose and the sandal will flop and get stepped on, which is uncomfortable. Adjust until the fit feels right, with the loop sitting around the base of the toe and not sliding up and down. Repeat with the other foot. Count the extender chain links and note where you fastened it on each foot for next time. They might be a little different because most of us have one foot a little larger than the other.

Why do I use beading wire and a clasp instead of elastic thread?
Elastic thread is fine for less expensive pieces, but these are special. Barefoot sandals will take more than a little abuse on your feet, especially if you wear them on the beach. Sand is really tiny pieces of glass and these will soon cut the elastic, likely at the area around the toe. Then your beads will fall off, some getting lost, and your sandal will be ruined. Beading wire and a lobster clasp are the most durable way to make your lovely sandals so they will last for many wearings. The size of the beads around the toe is key as well. Fastened in the hollow of the ankle and at the right length, these sandals are quite comfortable. If they weren't so pretty, you might forget they're on your feet!

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